Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and Voluma … which one is for me?!

Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and Voluma

botox and juvederm

….Maybe both since they work differently. Botox is a type of purified botulinum protein and it is the most well known name brand but there are others, such as Dysport. They have been used cosmetically and safely for over 20 years. These products work by preventing a muscle from contracting and thus preventing wrinkling of the skin. The botulinum proteins are most commonly used to prevent frown lines between the eyebrows (commonly called the “11’s”) but are used in many other areas of the face such as, the forehead lines, the crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes and for an aesthetically pleasing, chemical brow lift. If used early enough, they can prevent the lines from ever forming!

You also lose fat and volume in your face as you age.  Look at a picture of yourself from when you were in your early 20s.  Now, your cheeks may not be as full, your temples may be more sunken in, your lips thinner, the deep lines around our nose and mouth more pronounced, or dark shadows may have appeared beneath your eyes giving a tired appearance.  Fillers, like, Juvederm, Restylane, and Voluma are used to treat these concerns.  Fillers restore the facial volume and fullness found in youth.

Both Botox and the fillers can be administered separately and or together. Come in today for a free consult to see which option of facial rejuvenation would be best for you.

Facelifts 101: All About Voluma XC, PRP, and more at Arlington SkinMED!


voluma xc and facelift graphic


PRP Facelift with Voluma XC

The PRP Facelift is a procedure that combines HA Dermal Fillers (such as Voluma, Juvederm or Restylane) with your own amazing growth factors derived from your blood to create a youthful outcome. There are two parts to this procedure. The first part utilizes dermal fillers to begin sculpting specific areas of the face. These fillers act like a sponge that hold water in the face providing a basic shape. This initial injection of filler is the precursor to the ultimate desired form. The second is the polishing and refining step, the utilization of your body’s own natural healing process. A sample of your blood is obtained with a simple blood draw. Using a centrifuge, the growth factors in platelet rich plasma (PRP) are extracted from that blood sample and injected into specific areas of the face.

How about the PRP Facial?

The PRP Facial is not the same as the Face Lift. This procedure does not involve using dermal fillers, but rather using a Micropen or Fractora RF device to created micro channels in the skin and the topically infusing your own growth factors to signal healing. This procedure addresses fine lines and wrinkles, and improves tone and texture of the skin. The skin is numbed with a topical anesthetic for about 30 minutes. Your own blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge and then the PRP is infused into your skin.

Retinol into your skin care routine

Retinol into your skin care routine

Fall is the perfect season to reintroduce Retinol into your skin care routine, our start using it for the first time. Retinol is the essential anti aging product that many people do no use, mostly because prescription strength retinol is irritating to the skin. We are pleased to introduce SkinMedica’s non irritating prescription strength retinol. Our molecule is encased in healing and soothing antioxidents that protect and calm the skin while the retinol does it’s powerful work.

How does retionol work. Ritinol, or vitamin A, penetrates the epidermis, the top layer of our skin, and travels deep into where our skin cells are created. There it boosts our skin’s metabolism, increasing the birth of new, fresh, pump, healthy skin cells, collagen and elastin. This new skin matrix increases our skin’s firmness, smoothness, decreasing line, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Because of its ability to stimulate new collagen and elastin, it has long been considered the gold standard in skin care. One can diminish fine line, wrinkles, resolve hyperpigmentation and age spots, smooth out uneven skin texture and acne scars, increase skin’s firmness and overall health and integrity.

SkinMedica’s pharmaceutical grade, prescription strength product is the favorite among our skin care professionals. Used 3-5 times a week a night, one will notice an overall improvement of their skin texture, tone and firmness, while achieving resolution of their individual skin care concerns.