Vitamin C: Your Skin’s New Best Friend for Anti-Aging!

It seems every month we hear about a new skin care product extolling a new anti-aging ingredient that will bring about more youthful, healthy looking skin.  Yet, often these “revolutionary” ingredients will not stand the test of time, and often the tubes and nicely shaped containers storing these “next generation” ingredients are soon found deep in a bathroom drawer or lost somewhere on a shelf amongst other “innovative” products.

Through all this hype, Vitamin C is still among the very best ingredients to have in your skin-care products.  Vitamin C is a “tried and true” ingredient that has been studied for decades and found, in REAL peer reviewed studies, to improve and regenerate skin. Indeed, Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that has been shown to exhibit sun damage protective properties when applied to the skin.  Not only does it provide a “force-field” like effect on the outer skin layers, Vitamin C also protects your dermal collagen layer from degradation, while simultaneously stimulating new collagen synthesis (production).

So, when you’re thinking about changing products or thinking critically about what’s best for your skin, consider the adage “sometimes the old ways are the best ways”, and find products that contain stable forms of Vitamin C . . . And give your skin a further boost with a retinol or tretinoin product.